Contrary to Trump’s Rhetoric, Immigration Is Crucial for the U.S.

Continued support for the DACA Program is in everyone’s best interests.

I really like the dictionary that sits on my desk. Partly because my dog Rally chewed off one corner of it when he was a puppy. That always makes me smile when I pick it up. I do use the online version, but prefer the pages of the actual 10th edition (1998) Merriam-Webster’s. On page 1268 it defines “trumped-up” as an adjective meaning “fraudulently concocted: spurious.” Perhaps Merriam-Webster saw the future?

So much of what comes out of President Trump’s mouth is such. Even his advisors pitch in. For example, economic advisor Peter Navarro’s books on China are mainly xenophobic cherry picking, looking at the trees and blind to the forest of the vital U.S. China economic relationship. Yes, we can find American factories that have moved to China. But the […]

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