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How You Can Help

How You Can Help

The single best way you can help elect the best Representative for the 48th Congressional District is to recommend to your friends that they visit this and my fellow candidates’ websites. This is crucial. We should all cast our ballots on October 4th based on the best information available.

I’d be most pleased if you might host a coffee or other event in support of my candidacy. All I ask is that you organize about 20 48th District voters (or more) on a weeknight. I’ll be glad to stop by and provide more details about my ideas. Please just call me at 949-856-1969 or email is even better at

I am very much in need of your criticisms and good ideas. Please let me hear what you think about the issues the others and I have raised regarding your federal government. Email is the best way to share your ideas with me –

Regarding contributions, the most important contribution you can make to good government is to get yourself access to the INTERNET. That’s where the best campaign information is available. If you can’t afford the equipment, etc. ask your local elementary school to set up a Cyber Café where you and your neighbors can surf the web in the evenings. Your local public library can also help you with Internet access.

Your financial support will help us get the word out. The maximum donation an individual can make is $1,000, but every dollar helps!

Please send campaign donations to John Graham for Congress, 4521 Campus Drive #305, Irvine, CA 92612.  THANKS!

Once again, please tell your friends about our websites. Please pass the word (download the window sticker above) to your friends! And VOTE on October 4th!

Download the GRAHAM for Congress window sticker, post it in appropriate places, and pass it along to your friends.

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The 48th Congressional District includes the following Orange County cities:
Aliso Viejo / Dana Point / Foothill Ranch / Irvine / Laguna Beach / Laguna Hills/ Laguna Niguel / Laguna Woods / Lake Forest / Newport Beach / Portola Hills/ San Joaquin Hills / San Juan Capistrano / Tustin / Tustin Foothills

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