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Important Issues for
the New Orange County

Orange County has changed dramatically during the last decade. Traditional industries such as agriculture and aerospace are being supplemented (perhaps supplanted) by the new information and medical/bio technologies. The global economy is reflected in our burgeoning international trade; and immigrants from around the world have provided the County with a new cultural diversity to celebrate.

Having talked with folks in this New Orange County I've selected eight issues to focus on for the campaign. They're listed on the right. These are issues I think are important for all of us and should be considered on Capitol Hill next year. Some of the issues are quite controversial, and perhaps a wise politician might have ducked them. But, I believe each issue merits our attention, even the tough ones.

If an issue that you believe is important is not on my list, please let me know about it. Just drop me a note at Also, we've set it up so you can let me know how you feel about each of the eleven issues I've listed. Just click on the ones that interest you on the right.

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The 48th Congressional District includes the following Orange County cities:
Aliso Viejo / Dana Point / Foothill Ranch / Irvine / Laguna Beach / Laguna Hills/ Laguna Niguel / Laguna Woods / Lake Forest / Newport Beach / Portola Hills/ San Joaquin Hills / San Juan Capistrano / Tustin / Tustin Foothills

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